Our Core Principles


We are 100% dedicated to success in the hospitality business! And success means We Care, We Listen, We Innovate, and We Deliver! In doing so, we build a sound foundation for our company. These Core Principles serve as the guide that allows us to give the absolute best to our team members and if we take care of our team, then our team will take care of our guests.





Our leadership team is comprised of professionals with unparalleled expertise that best positions Legacy Hospitality Companies to deliver an exceptional experience to our guests.

Experienced Leadership

Offering hands-on expertise and leadership in:

  • Branded restaurant operations
  • Budget development and tracking
  • Sales and performance optimization
  • Recruitment and staffing logistics
  • Customer service
  • Brand and Vendor relations 
  • Location design/construction/build-out and store opening
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Who we are

We are in "the People" Business

We operate according to proven policies that result in superior products, service, and value. By doing so, we offer our guests an unspoken guarantee of satisfaction. Backing up that silent promise is our formal policy of 100% Guest Happiness. In the rare event of less than total satisfaction, we do everything in our power to make it up to the guest. All team members are empowered to fix any issues. If our guest catches an order mistake or less-than-satisfactory meal while they are still at our restaurant, we will cheerfully offer a product exchange. If a guest realizes a mistake after leaving the premises, we promise a full refund. 



Legacy Hospitality Companies recognizes that the guest’s experience starts before arriving at our restaurant and Legacy Hospitality Companies will be fully prepared when its moment to serve arrives. We also understand that sometimes it’s the small things that matter to our guests and we’re prepared to do those as well. We have great confidence in our people and plans to achieve our customer service goals and objectives. Legacy Hospitality Companies is committed to providing team members with the resources and tools, initial and ongoing, to excel.

Our team members are the face of our company. Their actions create impressions that reflect on all of us. Employees must possess all the right tools to provide ideal customer service

A Customer-Service Mindset – Building on a Good Foundation:

After an employee is onboarded, our Director of Learning and Development will conduct an orientation process that establishes Legacy Hospitality Companies’ customer service philosophy and expectations. Each team member will also be required to attend brand-specific customer service training

Empowering Through Knowledge – A Positive Impact on the Guest Experience.

We empower our team members to be knowledgeable professionals who can optimally serve our guests.

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